Jules Goes Fishing

  On Saturday you and I went fishing.  You had a blast catching your first fish and should have seen how ecited you were.  You caught 4 mackeral.  It was a great day.  I just picked you up today from Daycare and you were so happy to see me it made me cry.  You gave […]

Great Idea # 2

  I am going fishing tomorrow with my Pappa out on Uncle Paul’s Big Boat and told my dad that we need to bring hotdogs because that makes good bait.

Great Idea #1

Actually I have had many more before this but this will be the first documented one.  I have also had a few “Jewels” where I come up my own sayings and words.  I will post those too.Today my idea came to me when my race car broke and I said to my Pappa that we should call […]